Balloon Arches are a popular decorative feature of both commercial marketing use and for parties and events. They combine colours into often ornate patterns, offering a great chance to tie your balloon decorations into the theme of your event. We’ve created and provided some great looking balloon arches for a number of different events and purposes across the Leeds area.

Balloon Arches for Businesses

Often these are employed in doorways to highlight an entrance point and feature brand colouring or theming. Because they’re an eye catching and attractive feature they draw attention to businesses, particularly in a busy commercial setting. We’ve created decorative balloon arches for a number of different blue chip clients across the Leeds district, from banks to restaurants and supermarkets.
Here are some examples from Frankie and Benny’s. A great choice for marketing and event promotion, these are easy to customise to your specific needs, so let us know if you’ve got a special design in mind. These are a great welcome feature for doorways or for drawing attention at trade events, networking or showrooms.

leeds balloon arch

Themed arches for parties

Along side the more typical use of balloon arches as decoration at wedding parties, which can often feature ornate combinations of arches as a dance floor canopy, we also have some more specialist arch ideas, which feature specific colour combinations and patterns. Along with the spiral arch effect that we can create, different variations can also work for more specific designs and occasions. Below are some examples of designs we created for St Patrick’s day celebrations, which incorporate other themed balloons and a taller arch shape to fit the doorway.
st patrick balloon arch

Other specialist arches can be created to a theme, such as the snowflake one featured below. These add a lot of visual interest to a space and are a stunning finishing touch to a themed event or special occasion.balloon arch decoration

We can create bespoke balloon arches both for commercial purposes and for private parties and celebrations, so get in touch with your ideas and requirements.