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Party Balloons: Some Creative Tips for Every Occasion

A party is only as good as its atmosphere. Party balloons are a great way of creating the ambience and mood that you want for your event, getting guests into the spirit of things and making the day extra special.

Funky Muppet are a professional balloon decoration company who can provide you with unique and tailor made balloon creations for any occasion.
They’re here to run through some ideas for a range of events.

Party Balloons

Children’s birthday
From Mickey Mouse adult-height figures, all the way through to clusters of Frozen-themed balloons and My Little Pony, Airwalkers, Funky Muppet can provide party balloons to fulfil the wildest desires of any little girl’s or boy’s imagination.

Adult birthday
Create a classy, fun, and festive feel with party balloons for adults’ birthdays. Liven up the dancefloor with majestic clusters of weighted floor balloons, or include columns of colourfully arranged balloons topped by the age of the birthday boy or girl in number balloons.

Create a spooky and fun atmosphere with clusters of orange and black balloons printed with spiders, cobwebs, bats, or other Halloween-themed images. Include Halloween party balloons in the shape of two scary dismembered eyes or a twisted inflated column topped by a cluster of black and silver spheres.

Get party balloons in the shape of reindeer, elves, or even Santa Claus himself to make this magical holiday even more special.

New Year
When it comes to party balloons, you can’t get much more magnificent than a balloon drop at midnight, where a shower of balloons descends on the heads of the guests in a stunning finale.

Baby shower
Why not try a life-like baby-shaped cluster of balloons, or even a large balloon with many smaller balloons hanging from it, in the form of a cot mobile.

Valentine’s Day
Show your love for your cherished one with magnificent clusters of deep red hearts, or a spectacular arch over the doorway where they enter.

For more of the countless examples of Funky Muppet’s innovative and wonderfully creative ideas and arrangements for party balloons that make any occasion beautiful and memorable, visit their website today.

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